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Coppelia tickets now on sale!

Posted on 4.6.19 in Blog

Tickets for that great comedic ballet “Coppélia” are now on sale at Zoellner Arts Center! Purchase yours today – click here

Dancers from Pennsylvania Youth Ballet and professional guest artists will appear in this production, with choreography by Artistic Director Karen Kroninger Knerr; including an original puppet by Mock Turtle Marionette Theatre.  One of the best-loved comedic ballets, “Coppélia” is an enchanting tale about a mad inventor and the life-like doll he creates.  When a village boy becomes infatuated with the doll (thinking it’s a real girl!), his fiancée becomes unhappy. The ensuing mix-ups and misunderstandings between the two young lovers sets the stage for plenty of hilarity.  With colorful costumes and joyful dancing, this ballet is sure to delight both young and old alike!